Daily Archive: January 16, 2014

Scotland Passes the Union with England Act – 16 January 1707

Although England and Scotland had shared a monarch since the Union of Crowns in 1603, they had remained separate states operating under the control of separate governments. Essentially, the monarch wore two crowns simultaneously, and the respective parliaments governed their own nations. In spite of three separate attempts to unify the countries in the years following the Union of Crowns, (1606, 1667, and 1689) it was not until the reign of Queen Anne in 1702 that a union came to fruition. Shortly before his death in 1702, King William III had attempted to set the wheels in motion for unification...


WWI Diaries Available Online

As a way to honor the centenary of the Great War, the British National Archives has been hard at work digitizing the WWI diaries of many British military units. The archive has over 1.5 million pages worth of diary entries detailing the day-to-day lives of soldiers during the war. Though they are not what most would consider ‘personal diaries,’ they do provide a wealth of information regarding life in the army during WWI. The first batch of unit war diaries reveals the real-time account of the first three cavalry (WO 95/1096 to WO 95/1156) and the first seven infantry divisions...