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Archaeologists Claim Possible Remains of Viking King Olaf Guthfrithsson

Scottish archaeologists have proposed a theory that outlines the possibility that an excavated skeleton is that of Viking King Olaf Guthfrithsson. The skeleton was unearthed in Auldhame in East Lothian during a 2005 dig conducted by the AOC Archaeology Group. Archaeologists point to the artifacts uncovered along with the skeleton as indications that the bones may be those of the 10th century Viking king. One artifact in particular, a belt buckle like those popular in Viking controlled Ireland, is seen as an indication that the burial was for a person of high rank who probably spent time in the royal...


Black Death Skeletons in London

Recent forensic tests conducted on the skeletons unearthed during the London Crossrail project have revealed that the skeletons were victims of the 14th century Black Death. In all, 25 skeletons were unearthed from a 5.5m shaft beneath Charterhouse Square in March 2013. Samples taken from 12 of the skeletons revealed that four of them contained traces of the DNA of the Yersinia pestis, evidence that the medieval Londoners had been exposed to the Black Death. Radiocarbon dating on the skeletons and on pottery found buried with them showed that the burial ground was used during two separate periods that align with medieval records of...