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The Funeral and Burial of Admiral Lord Nelson – 9 January 1806

To this day, Admiral Lord Nelson remains one of Britain’s most heroic figures, military or otherwise. His leadership ability along with his firm grasp of naval strategy and tactics combined to make him a formidable force in the Royal Navy. The Napoleonic Wars provided Nelson with a stage on which to prove his heroism, as wars are ought to do. At the Battle of Trafalgar, a sniper’s bullet snatched his life at the moment of victory. Lord Nelson’s death at Trafalgar became the catalyst that ultimately made him the British hero that he is today. What follows are excerpts from contemporary...


Ernest Shackleton Claims a New ‘Farthest South’ – 9 January 1909

On 9 January 1909, Ernest Shackleton along with three of his companions on the Nimrod expedition planted a Union Jack at 88°23’S, marking the point as the ‘Farthest South’ that had been reached by any man to that point. The men had begun their expedition almost a year earlier when they set sail from New Zealand on 1 January 1908 aboard their ship, Nimrod. Shackleton had hoped to use Antarctica’s McMurdo Sound as a base for his expedition but pressure from the Royal Geographical Society and the competition from other South Pole explorers forced him to alter his plans. The Nimrod initially set sail for...