Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is Born – 22 May 1859

Though he would die a man famous the world over, Arthur Conan Doyle’s life began humbly. He was born on this day in British history, 22 May 1859. His father was an alcoholic, and his mother struggled to support the family. Luckily for young Arthur, he had uncles who were willing to fund an education. Had Doyle not received schooling as a lad, who knows whether the world’s most famous fictional character would have ever come to be? Before he began writing, however, Doyle studied medicine, much as a certain Dr. Watson had done. It was while in medical school at...


The Execution of Guy Fawkes – 31 January 1606

Guy Fawkes was bon in mid-April 1570, but few details of his early life are well documented. An important detail that is known is that his family were recusant Catholics. Fawkes was instilled with Catholicism from a young age, and at 21 he travelled to the continent to begin a military career. He fought mainly for the Spanish Catholics during the Eighty Years’ War and earned a reputation as a man of character, devoted to his religion. In 1603, Fawkes sought the Spanish king’s help in fomenting a Catholic rebellion in England, but was rejected. When he returned to England,...