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An Anglo-Saxon Royal Village at Rendlesham?

Though Rendlesham may be well known as “Britain’s Roswell” for the 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, it is now making news for the discovery of something that has been there for centuries. Writing in the early 8th century, the Venerable Bede mentioned a village, describing it as “the king’s country-seat of Rendlesham.” After the 1939 discovery of an undisturbed Anglo-Saxon burial ship only 4 miles from Rendlesham, most became convinced that it was the burial site of 7th century Anglo-Saxon King Rædwald. Rendlesham was believed to be the site of his royal hall, but no proof had been found to...


Scottish ‘Frankenstein’ Mummies at Cladh Hallan

Discovery at Cladh Hallan Cladh Hallan is an archeological site on the island of South Uist in Scotland. The site has been the subject of archeological study since the 1980’s, as it contains settlements dating to 2000 BC. These settlements were occupied up until the end of the Viking period, around AD 1300. In 2001, a team was busy digging at the prehistoric site. While excavating beneath the remnants of 11th-century houses that were built atop the Bronze Age village, the team discovered four skeletons. Two of the skeletons in particular were intriguing to the team. The first, a female,...