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Did Unearthed London Skulls Belong to Gladiators?

Archaeologists have recently completed a study of 39 skulls unearthed from a series of pits in London. The study, published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, reveals the brutality of life in the ancient Roman city of Londinium. Many of the skulls bore marks indicating that the ancient Britons had suffered head wounds during their life and had then healed. In addition, many of the skulls had further damage that was indicative of unnatural death, most by violent trauma and/or decapitation. The authors of the study theorize that evidence of the violent deaths may be evidence of gladiators in ancient London....


The British Museum Opens – 15 January 1759

Sir Hans Sloane The origin of the British Museum lies with the collection and will of Irish physician and collector, Sir Hans Sloane. Sloane was a longtime member of the Royal Society who served as its president for thirteen years between 1727 and 1741. Although Hans Sloane was an accomplished physician and the founder of London’s Foundling Hospital, he was also an avid collector of curious objects. His main collection consisted of objects from the earth’s natural history, but he also possessed an extensive library, among other collections. It is estimated that his entire collection was comprised of over 71,000...