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The Jacobites Prevail at the Battle of Falkirk Muir – 17 January 1746

What began with the Glorious Revolution in 1689 had almost reached its end by the time the Jacobite forces marched against General Hawley’s army at Falkirk Muir. The last of the Jacobite Risings had been instigated by the grandson of James II, the once deposed king whose name became a rallying cry for rebellion. Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender, Bonnie Prince Charlie; call him what you will but the last of the pretenders to the British throne managed to raise the support for an ambitious attempt to retake the throne. After a failed invasion attempt in 1744, the second...


The Massacre of Elphinstone’s Army is Concluded – 13 January 1842

On 6 January 1842, a British army under the command of General William Elphinstone began a retreat from the Afghan city of Kabul. Within a week the infamous “Massacre of Elphinstone’s Army” would be complete, and out of the entire British force only William Brydon would stagger on his dying horse to safety at Jalalabad. In a scenario that feels somewhat familiar, the British had been present in Afghanistan since at least 1838. Mainly, they vied with Russia for control of the region and for influence over the Afghani rulers. The British gained the upper hand and decided to establish military...