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American Troops Prevail at the Battle of New Orleans – 8 January 1815

The Battle of New Orleans was the last major battle to take place during the War of 1812. Two years into the war, toward the end of 1814, Britain began to focus their attention on the Southern port city of New Orleans. New Orleans was a promising target for the British army because it was the entrance to the Mississippi River and by it, the heart of America’s inland shipping and transportation. Having been defeated at the Battle of Baltimore in September, British Admiral Alexander Cochrane focused on repairing his fleet and sailing his 8,000-man force south, where they eventually...


The Battle of Jersey is Fought – 6 January 1781

Though the Battle of Jersey took place during the American War for Independence, the site of the battle was the island of Jersey, the largest of the British controlled islands in the English Channel. Jersey was the base for many of the English privateers operating in the channel, and sitting only fourteen miles off the French coast, it was the perfect location from which English privateers could harass French shipping vessels. England realized the strategic importance that Jersey held and they therefore built a series of fortresses and redoubts along the island’s coastline. France, however, decided that the potential gain...