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Colonists Begin the First Settlement at Sydney Cove – 26 January 1788

When the American colonies gained independence in 1783, Britain was forced to look for a new outlet for convicts. In 1785, Order in Council were issued for the establishment of a penal colony in New South Wales. The assembled voyage fleet was comprised of eleven vessels that carried more than 1,000 convicts, marines, and seamen, along with the requisite supplies for the voyage and establishment of a colony. Led by Captain Arthur Phillip, the First Fleet departed Portsmouth on 13 May 1787. Apart from one recorded incident, the convict population of the fleet behaved well during the voyage. The fleet...


Assam Tea is First Auctioned in London – 10 January 1839

Although the entire world is on notice of the British love of tea, for the first 200 years of Britain’s tea-drinking history their supply of tea came from China. It was not until this day in British history, 10 January 1839, that the first auction of Assam tea took place in London. The first time that the new China drink called ‘tay’ was advertised in a British newspaper was 1658, but Charles II’s marriage to Catherine of Braganza would prove the turning point in the British perception of tea. Her love of tea helped it become a fashionable drink, especially...