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Charles I Begins His ‘Personal Rule’ – 10 March 1629

Parliamentary powers had steadily grown in the centuries leading up to the 17th century. Although Royal Assent to Parliamentary bills was still technically required, by the reign of James I (1567–1625) Parliament had begun using finances as a means to exert pressure on the monarch. Because cooperation with Parliament generally increased popular perception of the monarch’s actions, however, monarchs were not quick to defy the legislature. When King Charles I came to power in 1625, he embroiled Britain in an expensive war with Spain. Parliament responded by restricting Charles’ ability to fund the war through collecting customs duties. Over the...


The Execution of Charles I – 30 January 1649

From the outset, Charles I’s reign as king of England was marked by tension and conflict. His tax policies and his belief in the divine right of kings set Parliament in opposition to him. His religious stance–not to mention his marriage to a Roman Catholic–served to alienate the support of most reformed religious groups in England. Tensions came to a head with the outbreak of the English Civil War in 1642. Charles was eventually captured, escaped, and recaptured. By late 1648, Oliver Cromwell and his New Model Army had gained military supremacy in England, and the Rump Parliament had formed,...