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Combat of the Thirty – 26 March 1351

Although it came to be subsumed within the Hundred Years’ War, the ‘Combat of the Thirty’ was really a conflict of the Breton War of Succession, a struggle between the the House of Montfort and House of Blois for control of the Duchy of Brittany. The House of Blois was led by Charles of Blois, who received support from the King of France; the House of Montfort was led by John de Montfort, a French noble with the backing of the English king Edward III. By 1531, the Breton conflict had reached a virtual stalemate. Each side controlled several castles throughout Brittany, and...


Henry V Completes the Siege of Rouen – 19 January 1419

Though the Siege of Rouen officially concluded on 19 January 1419, the conflict in which it took place, the Hundred Years’ War, had been under way for almost as long as its name indicates. Technically, the seeds for the Hundred Years’ War were sown when Duke William II of Normandy conquered Britain in 1066. He became the King of England while he retained control of his lands in Normandy, effectively making himself and any future English kings dependent on the French king for the retention of Normandy. For several hundred years the arrangement worked quite well, but in 1337 Edward III...