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Charles I Begins His ‘Personal Rule’ – 10 March 1629

Parliamentary powers had steadily grown in the centuries leading up to the 17th century. Although Royal Assent to Parliamentary bills was still technically required, by the reign of James I (1567–1625) Parliament had begun using finances as a means to exert pressure on the monarch. Because cooperation with Parliament generally increased popular perception of the monarch’s actions, however, monarchs were not quick to defy the legislature. When King Charles I came to power in 1625, he embroiled Britain in an expensive war with Spain. Parliament responded by restricting Charles’ ability to fund the war through collecting customs duties. Over the...


Charles James Fox is Born in London – 24 January 1749

Charles James Fox was a somewhat controversial figure in British politics during the latter half of the 18th century. Though he did spend small periods in political office, Fox spent the majority of his political career in opposition. It was during the American War for Independence, in particular, that Fox began to propound his ‘radical’ opinions in Parliament. Fox gained notoriety for backing the colonies during the war and for opposing King George III. Fox is also remembered for his initial support of the emerging French Revolution, his anti-slavery views, and for his rivalry with William Pitt the Younger. Fox...