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Parliament Passes the First Act of Uniformity – 21 January 1549

Religious reformation was a 16th century phenomenon that affected a large swath of European nations, but the reformation in England was unique. The continental reformations were creatures of their mercurial instigators, men such as Luther and Calvin. The English reformation was more so a creature of the state, undertaken by the king and Parliament for largely political reasons. The first major step in the English Reformation came during the reign of Henry VIII. He is infamous as the king who had several of his wives beheaded, but he also had a profound influence on the development of organized religion in...


De Montfort Holds the First English Parliament – 20 January 1265

While the signing of Magna Carta by King John in 1215 is a universal focus of any discussion of the English political system’s development, it was not the first step toward the parliamentary system that exists today. Indeed, the foundation for parliamentary government was laid back in 1066 when William the Conqueror imposed his vision upon the island of Britain. As the feudal system developed in Norman England, English kings were dependent upon the nobles and the clergy for a stable base of support. A tradition arose whereby the English monarch would call a Great Council of the leading nobles...