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Captain Kidd is Executed – 23 May 1701

Though he is one of the most famous pirates in history, modern scholarship has questioned whether Captain Kidd should have been considered a true pirate. Apparently the English crown considered him a pirate, because he was held at Newgate Prison and then hung on this day in British history, 23 May 1701. Please keep reading to find more info about him. Early in his life, William Kidd served as an apprentice on board a ship, but before long he’d become a member of a pirate ship’s crew. Before the ship had embarked on its voyage, however, Kidd had spent time in...


Henry Morgan and the Sack of Panama City – 28 January 1671

Images of swashbuckling pirates sailing the high seas continue to capture the imagination today, hundreds of years removed from the height of the ‘pirate’ age. Granted, there have always been and always will be ‘pirates’ in some form, but the pirates I’m talking about sailed in wooden ships laden with cannons. They were ruthless in their pursuit of plunder and gold; and one of the most feared among them was none other than Captain Henry Morgan. Henry Morgan, the Man Henry Morgan was the eldest son of a Welsh farmer. Very little is known about his early life other than...