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The Scottish Football Association is Formed – 13 March 1872

Football in the mid-19th century was a scattered, disorganized affair, especially when compared to the institutionalised football organizations of today. England had formed a football association in 1863 and adopted rules that allowed only the goalkeeper to handle the ball, and only then inside his marked area. Scotland, on the other hand, still allowed all players to handle the ball. As the English game became more organized following the FA’s formation, Scotland’s football remained disorganised. Despite the lack of rules, many Scottish teams began to emerge. The oldest and most well-known of the Scottish teams was Queen’s Park, a team...


James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray, is Assassinated – 23 January 1570

The mid to late 16th century in Scotland was a perilous time for those in power. The murder of David Rizzio at Holyrood in 1567 and the subsequent murder of Lord Darnley in Edinburgh bear testament to the danger for the aristocracy. A particular group that bore the brunt of early demises during this period seems to have been regents of the throne. Regent Lennox was shot in 1571 and Regent Moray was executed ten years later. Sandwiched between these deaths, however, is an interesting case that is claimed as being the first assassination to be carried out by a...